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Automate your SQL & NoSQL databases with AWS Managed Services

Info : This is a new post in our serie of co-authoring articles with my mate @Zoph ;) Introduction With the rising of cloud managed services comes a very important one: the databases. So, what’s a managed database service ? Basically, a database is a server-side software like MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, or for NoSQL, Redis, MongoDB, etc… But, when you install and build your database server that way, it means you have to manage the configuration, which is sometimes very tricky. You might make some mistakes that can kill performances. Also, you have to manage the server itself, which means check the updates, provide for a rollback, have a knowledge of the OS, network, security and so on.

AWS Transfer for SFTP

Info : This is our first post of a serie of coauthoring articles with my mate @Zoph ;) Sometimes in web world, we need to quickly deploy a space to share datas with programs or with other humans. One of the numerous solutions is an SFTP space out there. But you know: create the server, configure the service, partition the users, the permissions, the folders, etc… It’s getting heavy faster than a speeding bullet! So at Amazon Web Services, they implemented a service to create SFTP server/account, quickly and easily, backed onto an S3 bucket. And the beauty of it : no servers to manage at all !

Interact with AWS using Perl

AWS is mostly about APIs (and a little bit of cloud). In fact, WS is… Yeah, you got it. Most of popular programming languages support these API. You can find on the web SDKs for Go, NodeJS, Python, C++… But have you ever considered perl (as in Perl 5)? Yes, the old brother as we call it in my office. It’s still alive and so much fun to code ! Perl, again ?! It’s good to know that this language is still out there, not dead, and far from it either. So let’s go for a little introduction. You may have heard of Perl 6, and thought something like:

Blog : co-authoring

Bonjour à tous ! Un petit article ce jour pour vous parler d’une nouvelle série d’articles à paraître sur ce blog. Après discussion avec mon collègue Victor, qui tient lui aussi un blog sur ses travaux, nous en sommes venus à l’idée d’écrire quelques articles ensembles, en “co-authoring”. Ces articles traiteront de divers sujets/outils, autour du cloud et de l’automatisation. Ils seront anglophones et publiés en même temps sur nos deux blogs respectifs. Aucun rythme de publication spécialement établi, seulement au rythme de notre temps et de nos idées. Pour nous synchroniser, nous utilisons l’outil Trello. Sur le mien, ces articles seront taggués co-authoring comme celui-ci.